Referrals and Brokers

Join Our Brokering Team

There are many rewarding careers in the financial industry. If you’re ready to launch a successful career in the field, brokering is a great choice with plenty of room for growth. Joining a brokering team is the best way to set yourself up for success, and Commercial One Group is always on the lookout for talented individuals to add to our team. As a versatile commercial lender, we customize financial solutions to benefits businesses of all types and sizes.

Reasons To Join Our Team

We expect our brokers to provide our clients with the best financial solutions available. In exchange for your hard work and dedication to our clients, we’ll enrich your career in several ways because we want to build high-quality relationships with all of the members of our team. You can expect to earn the following rewards.

  • Earn a sizeable commission on every transaction you broker.
  • Get paid immediately after closing a transaction.
  • Build your portfolio with reciprocal referrals from repeat clients.
  • Work from anywhere with internet access.

Qualities We Value

Our brokers need to have a certain set of qualities to create customized financial solutions that meet our standards to keep our clients happy. The most important quality we look for in applicants is knowledge. While we don’t expect our brokers to know everything about the financial industry, we do want them to demonstrate a willingness to learn about new trends in the field. We also want people who are confident, organized and motivated so they are capable of completing the administrative side of the job well. Finally, we want brokers who are humorous and friendly so they can network easily.

Join Our Team Today

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so Commercial One Group is always ready to expand our referral and broker program. If you want to build a rewarding career in the field of finance, consider joining our team. Contact us today to apply.