Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Use Flexible Financing To Grow Your Business

Growing your business requires you to have access to the right type of financing. Many business owners opt to secure traditional loans, but because these types of financing are often designated for specific purposes, they are not ideal solutions for every company. Stated income commercial real estate loans are an alternative avenue of financing that gives you complete control over how you spend the funds you receive. Commercial One Group includes stated income loans in its portfolio of financial solutions.

What Makes a Stated Income Loan Different From Other Types of Financing?

While traditional loans usually use credit history to determine approval, stated income loans approve funding based on the value of a company’s property. If the combined cost of the property’s taxes, mortgage and insurance is lower than the value of the real estate, the company qualifies for a stated income loan. Because they are easier to qualify for, stated income loans are ideal for new companies or those that are struggling financially and have a poor credit history. They are also usually approved in a more timely manner than other types of financing because they require minimal paperwork.

How Can a Stated Income Loan Benefit Your Company?

You may spend the money you receive from a stated income loan in any way that benefits your business. Commercial One Group extends the following terms to qualified borrowers with credit scores of 600 or greater.

  • Commercial properties, including warehouses, office buildings, retail stores and storage facilities, qualify for loan-to-value rates of up to 65%.
  • Owner-occupied and investment properties qualify for loan-to-value rates of up to 70%.
  • Mixed-use and multi-family properties qualify for loan-to-value rates of up to 75%.
  • 25-year terms come with fixed rates.
  • Loan amounts of up to $500,000 are available.
  • W-2 and self-employment documentation is available. 

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Stated income commercial real estate loans are an alternative to other financing options that could benefit many businesses. If you want the freedom to enrich your company in any way you deem fit, securing a stated income loan from Commercial One Group could be the ideal solution. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find a stated income commercial real estate loan that will allow your business to thrive.