Creating efficient work processes is the fundamental purpose of improving productivity. Many business managers focus on improving the process but overlook how the right tools can benefit the company. Technology can provide your staff with many resources and give your company a competitive advantage. Here are some applications to consider.

Customer Relationship Management

Look for a CRM solution that is easy to implement and manages information. Once you have one in place, you will not be disappointed. Your sales leads are in one central database. Those leads are then prioritized based on their status in the sales channel. Employees can make notes for each account, and you can allow specific employees to see information that is pertinent to their department. When support employees enter their conversations with customers, sales staff can review those conversations before they reach out to customers.


Investing in the best telephone solution for your business is essential. Determine how many phone lines you will need to be able to manage inbound call volume. Call routing can help customers reach the correct person. You can also route calls to specific employees that serve as backup operators. Some operations managers will accept a lengthier hold time if they want a staff member can answer the phone call. Consider outsourcing inbound calls to a phone answering source to manage call volume.

Group Messaging

Group messaging software can boost productivity. Many employees report that their current email communication system is slow and impacts their responsiveness to customers. Group messaging is a secure communication method to help employees get the information they need. Team members direct a question to one person or a group of people. The recipient can respond with minimal effort. While group chats are great for answering many questions, they will not eliminate the need for phone calls or emails.

Time Tracking

Time management provides a quantitative analysis of your team’s production. Avoid burnout by comparing how long an employee works on a project in contrast with other team members. Control your budget by monitoring the total number of hours worked compared to budgeted hours. Identify tasks that are not providing value to the team objectives.

Project Management

Maintain productivity with a great project management system. Over 30% of managers spend five or more hours every day coordinating project communication. Project management tools are powerful resources that help your team:

  • Organize data
  • Allocate human resources
  • Improve team collaboration

With some planning, you can provide your employees with tools designed to improve their performance. More productive employees lead to more satisfied staff and higher income for your business.